The Instant Structures Mod (ISM) is back – Great Update

The update is the greatest and most epic ISM update of all time. It contains so many new features…

But first I have to apologize

  • for weeks and months don’t making new updates
  • for don’t fixing the huge amount of bugs the last version have
  • for don’t reply to all your comments, mails and bug reports
  • for don’t even read them
  • for disappointing so many of you.

Sorry for that. I just want to focus on this update.

But while I was absent, I still worked a lot on ISM. I spend a lot of time in learning to create an own website.
The website ( has many advantages. As an example it contains contact forms to send new structures to add them to the mod and to send bug reports. It makes it easier to create good tutorials about the mod.

Furthermore I spend days in learning new Java functions and understand packages.

But why the whole?

ISM needed an update that changes the way it works entirely. The way it registers structure items, it handles them. The way it saves structures, the way it loads them. The last-mentioned points make this update as epic.

ISM uses now a new file type to save structures. It’s called “.structures”. New structure files take up to 4 times less space than old ISM structures files. (large structures) But as a minimum 2 times less space for very small structures. The file size is comparable to “.schematic” files.
In addition, it takes less time to scan structures. ISM writes structures 20 times faster to files than before.

Do you know what?

Placing new structures is more efficient too. How quickly large structures are placed depends on the PC, mainly by the processor.
My computer has a 6-core processor running at 3.50 giga heart, places a structure (the Samurai Temple by Alecdent) (structure presentation on YouTube) with 350,000 blocks in 10 seconds. Previously, it took about 90 seconds.
To flatten an area with 5,000,000 blocks takes about additional 10 seconds.

World Edit crashes while I was trying to place the Samurai Temple as a schematic. To my knowledge it is not possible to place such large structures with schematics. Right?

This all sounds so great. But there is still a lot of work ahead of me. ISM can’t read nor place NBT tags. NBT tags save chest, hopper…, signs contents. This version has probably many bugs because almost the whole code is changed. If you place big structures you will still own the world Reload otherwise crashes Minecraft.

What else is new?

ISM loads images faster and doesn’t have to unpack them. Thereby, there are fewer sources of error. ISM files are not unzipped too.
The search function of the structures window is more than 10 times faster.
The tool function can now replace blocks again and it contains a search function for blocks.
structure Files can save mod blocks and all blocks with all metas.
Furthermore this update contains many improvements that have little visible impact but saves resources of your PC.
The Reader tool opens much faster especially when it has to display many structures
Added a converter to update old “ism-structure” files to “structure” files

very small improvements (some of these version are released with the next update)

added the new ISM icon as a window icon
update crafting recipes and tutorials
structure files are saved in the folder “.minecraft/mods/ism/structures/”
After placing the red or green block to create a bounding box a colored chat message appears that indicates what to do next
after you click on a text field the default text disappears
ISM warns you if a structure has already the same name
You can use the bounding box in combination with the Tool item (added in one of the next versions)
Tool: displays the number of placed blocks in the chat
add around 30 unpublished structures that are created by users (next bigger update)
add a Russian and German translation of ISM (next bigger update)
removed the second window while placing a structure – bounding boxes can be created with a button in the first window

Probably I forget a few new features or improvements.

Thank you for reading this very long announcement and update log.

-Marc Schmidt (alias MaggiCraft) developer of ISM

Download the newest and improved version of ISM.

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