Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

The Structure Wiki (short: StrWiki) is a window and useful tool to list and search structures. It is used in Instant Structures Mod (ISM) and Structures Animator (StrAnimator). Both programs were developed by Marc Schmidt, alias MaggiCraft. The current version of this tool displays 996 structures (as from August.2016).

Different lists

The Structures Wiki offers different lists of structures. Theses lists contains structures of a genre or creator. Lists can be sorted, but more on that later.


The wiki supports 11 different genres and 3 additional genres:

  • Modern houses
  • Modern structures
  • Medieval buildings
  • Castles
  • Asia buildings
  • Oriental buildings
  • Ships
  • Vehicles
  • Sci-Fi
  • 3D Art
  • Pixel-Art

Structure are added to the additional genres depend on their quantity of blocks:

  • “Huge structures” more than 50,000 blocks but less than 125,000.
  • “Giant structures” including 125,000 blocks but less than 500,000.
  • “Insane structures” including 500,000 blocks and more. These structures are unimaginely large.

genres list - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)


All people who published a structure in ISM are listed on this page. The list of builders is sorted in descending order. By clicking on a creator a list of all the creator’s structures appears.

creator list - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

All structures

The most common list is the one that displays all structures. It is shown after the StrWiki opens.

all structures - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

Favorite structures

The Structure Wiki offers an option to favorite a structure. This feature is useful to have your loved structures handy. To add or remove a structure from this you have to click the heart button. You can find this button in the detail view or while placing a structure, if you use ISM

Sort lists

Every aforementioned list (all structures, genres, creators and favorite) can be sorted by different attributes. These attributes are

  • Date of creation
  • Name of a structure
  • Size, quantity of blocks
  • Most placed, the quantity you placed a certain structure

List can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

sort structures - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

Search structures

The Structure Wiki contains a search bar. Just type a part of the name of a structure, creator or genre and displayed structures are updated immediatly. You can sort this list too.

search_castles - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

Detail view

This window shows you more information of a structure. These information are name, creator, genre, quantity of blocks, and dimension. It contains a button with the chest icon (picture 1). This button triggers different actions in the Instant Structures Mod and Structure Animator. In ISM it drops the structure item, in StrAnimator it starts an animation of the structure. Below this button is a favorite button (picture 2). If the structure stores a link (for example to an official forum thread), a button will display that opens this link in your default browser (picture 3).
If the structure contains a crafting recipe, it will display below the basic information.

detail view - Structure Wiki (StrWiki)

structure action - Structure Wiki

picture 1

favorite structure - Structure Wiki

picture 2

open link - Structure Wiki

picture 3

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