Update Log

Update Log of the Instant Structures Mod (ISM)

You can read any update log till November 2015. Older update logs can be read on the forum thread of ISM on planetminecraft.com.

update logs: April

April 1, 2016

-added 40 new structures


update logs: March

March 20, 2016

-smaller improvements for ISM for Minecraft 1.9

March 18, 2016

-published ISM for Minecraft 1.9


March 4, 2016

-new: added 25 new structures
-new: added more crafting recipes
-improved: in some cases ISM stopped adding NBT information to blocks
-improved: in some cases ISM throws an exception when adding blocks like doors, beds and double plants
-improved: issues with the update window
-overworked: ISM places around 120 combinations of blocks and meta data in the correct direction
-overworked: ISM loads structure items differently

update logs: February

February 26, 2016

-new: option to deactivate the feature to drop items when survival or hardcore mode is activated
-new: added crafting recipes of the construction kit and the reader item
-new: added 50 new crafting recipes
-improved: translations of some captions and crafting recipe descriptions
-improved: reader window doesn’t show information about all structures shortly after it was opened
-overworked: limited the amount of structures that were preloaded when the reader window is opened

February 19, 2016

-new: added 50 crafting recipes
-new: added crafting table with a size of 9×9
-new: added crafting recipes to structure wiki
-new: added crafting recipe for large crafting table
-improved: can not place the first structure that is selected automatically by the reader window

February 12, 2016

-new: place structures and reader window display the depth of structures
-improved: reader window does not display the scan structures tutorial button
-improved: missing text of a textbox in the reader window
-overworked: releases resource earlier
-overworked: stores some kinds of following blocks more efficient:
-lit_redstone_ore, fence, air, flowing_water

February 5, 2016

-new: read the latest changes of ISM when the update window opens
-fixed: can not scan structure under some circumstances
-improved: can not place structures deeper by using the reader tool
-overworked: stores some kinds of following blocks more efficient:
     -double_stone_slab, double_stone_slab2, tnt, obsidian, log2, portal, pumpkin, lit_pumpkin

update logs: January

January 22, 2016

-new: updated German translation for the latest structures
-new: saves NBT data of beacon, brewing stand, chests, command block, comparator, dispenser, dropper, flower pot, furnace, hopper, jukebox, note block, sign and skull
-improved: replaced sand with sandstone and gravel with stone on the lowest level of structures
    -therefore sand and gravel doesn’t fall down
-improved: removed unnecessary blocks from all structures
-improved: counted all blocks of all structures again
-improved: uses smaller expression for the same amount of blocks
-improved: can not place blocks on top of the BlockArea blocks
-overworked: opens the read window much faster when many structure files are stored in the /minecraft/mods/ism/str-folder
-overworked: memory consumption is broken down more quickly after a structure has been placed

January 15, 2016

-new: place beds, tall flowers and doors
-new: Portuguese and therefore Brazilian translation
-improved: an error by creating a new creator with url
-improved: structure and creator name weren’t not displayed completely on the reader window after selecting a new structure
-improved: can not placed sand, water and blocks that provide light correctly
-improved: ISM used item names that could caused crashes in other mods and weren’t accordant to the item name convention
    -item names are now smaller
-improved: add decimal mark to detail view on a structure
-overworked: places some kinds of blocks faster
-overworked: improvements in reading blocks to place
-overworked: darker background in the update window

January 8, 2016

-new: structures are placed in a new structure file format “.str”. It stores structures more efficient therefore files are smaller and new structures are more detailed
-new: errors triggered by ISM are write down to a file. Thereby error can be easily fixed.
-improved: a potential bug that blocks aren’t placed
-improved: placed some kinds of blocks twice at the same position
-improved: a potential bug that didn’t placed structures correctly
-improved and overworked the way different blocks are placed and scanned:
-standing banner, wall_banner, vine, skull, piston_extendsion, piston_head, lit_furnace, cocoa, water, tripwire, brewing_stand, carrots, dirt, dragon_egg, daylight_detector_inverted, farmland, fire, flower_pot, tallgrass, hopper, iron_door, jukebox, lava, lever, wooden_button, leaves, leaves2, mob_spawner, nether_wart, sapling, double_plant, portal, potatoes, melon_stem, pumpkin_stem, double_stone_slab2, redstone_wire, snow_layer, double_stone_slab, reeds, command block
-improved: representation of dates
-overworked: warning notice of missing texture no longer appears in the game outpute when starting Minecraft
-overworked: item textures are in a resolution of 512px; circle aroung items is now orange

January 1, 2016
new structures

-added 10 new structures

update logs: December

December 25, 2015

-new file format to save structures more efficiently. Now structures files are more than 5 times smaller.
release Beta for Minecraft 1.8.8

December 20, 2015

++Update for Minecraft 1.8.8++

I have a small announcement. The deals with the updates of Minecraft and the resulting expense for the modding community apart.

There new (larger) Minecraft versions are published repeatedly. That’s a good thing for the community and a curse for every modder.

Minecraft 1.7.10 was released exactly 1 1/2 years ago, and 1.8 a few months later. Minecraft 1.7.10 is therefore a very long time is no longer the latest version. Nevertheless, the ISM Version 1.7.10 makes 50% of the downloads for Minecraft. In other modders will be similar!

50% – 1.7.10
50% – 1.8

There is always a lot of work to keep both versions up to date. It is programmed something new in version 1.8 and it must then porting for 1.7.10.
The Minecraft code of each release is fundamentally different from all others. This makes porting more difficult. It is a tedious task that involves many difficulties. So one must ensure that the same changes are made in two versions. The functioning of the mods to be checked in both versions.

After that, both versions must be compiled and uploaded.

Now Forge for Minecraft 1.8.8 has been released. I was then repeatedly written, urged to publish ISM for Minecraft 1.8.8. Luckily 1.8.8 only “few” changes. This is porting easier, a bit faster and less error prone to 1.8 version.
Now 3 versions must be compiled and uploaded.

In a few, the download numbers perhaps following masses will look:
50% – 1.7.10
40% – 1.8
10% – 1.8.8

Minecraft 1.9 will also be released soon. Minecraft 1.9 will contain not only bug fixes, but also add new content (as you will be aware). Therefore also an incredible number of changes in the source code will be. Names of classes, interfaces, and methods will be changed to hundreds. Many modders will have to invest many nights into it to find the method name of the 1.8 matching the 1.9 version.
I had tried my Star Wars Mod from 1.7.10 to upgrade to 1.8. Mojang
had all methods and class name changed, which are required to bring a
new dimension (the Nether or the End is one dimension) to create. For me, that was then called out again, how to create a new dimension for Minecraft 1.8. Hours of useless work. Ultimately, it meant that I lost the joy of programming for my Star Wars Mod.
One reason why some mods will not be further developed.

If Minecraft 1.9 will have to provide up to 4 versions modders. Time in the new content and far-reaching improvements could be developed.

Perhaps the download numbers of ISM will look this way:

35% – 1.7.10
20% – 1.8
25% – 1.8.8
20% – 1.9

Marc Schmidt (aka Maggi Craft)
The developer of Instant Structures Mod (ISM)

December 11, 2015

15 new structures

new structures

December 04, 2015

15 new structures

new structures

update logs: November

November 27, 2015

This and the last updates the calm before the storm
     * -new: added Castle genre and tab
     * -new: warning when a structure file already exist in the folder minecraft/mods/ism/structure
     *     -older structure files can not be replaced
     * -improved: placed sandstone stair in a wrong direction
     * -improved: the red and green block where not placed when the bounding box has a height of 1
     *     -revamped: placing bounding box algorithm
     *     -new: scan only on a height of 1
     * -improved: ISM sometimes crashes when placing structures while using mac os x
     * -improved: can not place large structures
     * -improved: bug that caused same blocks with different meta were placed wrong
     * -overworked: added textures to reader-, wiki- and tool item for Minecraft 1.7.10
     * -overworked: removed chat messages
     * -overwroked: added translation of chat messages for scanning a structure

November 22, 2015

* -improved: adding a creator or open the scanner window caused a crash
     * -improved: places the bounding box cornes on the correct position
     * -improved: added a better english translation for the new dialogs
     * -improved: after changing a language the structure names were not updated
     * -improved: reader frame structures information were not displayed correctly after selecting a new structure
     * -improved: foundation frame title was missing

November 13, 2015

* -new: added tutorials
     *     -crafting recipes
     *     -place structures
     *     -scan structures
     *     -commands
     * -new: added warning notices when a forbidden character were enter in textfiels of the scanner window
     * -new: added Portuguese item names
     * -new: added a note to the reader window that is shown when no structures are scanned
     * -improved: refresh translations of the genres and geometric shapes after changing the language
     * -improved: can scan structure without enter a scan depth
     * -improved: scanner window: new creator names were not saved correctly
     * -improved: scanner window: new added creator names were not shown directly
     * -improved: the fundament screen does not appear directly after a structure is placed
     * -improved: can not place other structures with the reader item than the first listed one
     * -improved: reader window: structure information were not updated
     * -overworked: a few translations
     *     -new: added German structure and item names
     * -revamped: a few pieces of code were triggered twice
     * -revamped: bounding box
     *     -added: German translation

November 8, 2015

* beta update 6
     * -new: added Portuguese structure names
     * -new: deactivate the GUI to play ISM on a server
     * -new: place structures with the command “ism: place <flatten>
     * -new: activate the GUI with the command “ism: activateGui
     * -new: added a download feature
     * -improved: can not select other language
     * -improved: missing language texts
     * -revamped: removed deleted unused classes
     * -revamped: a method to add decimal marks

November 1, 2015

for Minecraft 1.8

beta update 5    
* -improved: can not download large structures
     *   -improved: can not open download dialog
     *     -structures wiki
     *     -structures detail view
     *     -structure item
     * -new: download large structures directly
     * -revamped: dialog windows
     * -improved: can not close the tool window
     * -new: use the Tool without clicking on a block
     * -improved: mistakes in the German translation
     * -overworked: emphasized selected menu entry
     * -improved: can not replace blocks while facing north
     * -new: added tool support
     * -new: added item reader texture
     * -new: added item wiki texture
     * -new: added item tool texture
     * -overworked: removed the block area from the creative tab because it has no function

An update log to a tremendous Instant Structures Mod update.

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