Download: Star Wars Mod

Star Wars Mod by MaggiCraft

There are Holocrons and stormtrooper armor. Of course, it also contains lightsabers in different colors. There is also a new dimension: Tatooine and many more Star Wars and Sci-Fi related items and blocks.


  • download and install the needed version of Forge
  • download Star Wars Mod
  • move the mod in your Minecraft’s “mod” folder
    • If you use Windows click on “Start” and type “%appdata%/.minecraft/”
  • If you use Mac open Finder, hold down ALT, click on “Go” then on “Library” in the top menu bar. Open the folder “Application Support” and search for “minecraft”.
  • Move the mod file in the “Mods” folder
  • Start Minecraft and be sure that you choose the right profile.

Page: Download: Star Wars Mod (ISM) for Minecraft – last update January 19, 2015