Crafting Recipes

Although the Instant Structures Mod (ISM) is a mod for Creative mode, you can easily use it in Survival mode. For this to work, ISM provides crafting recipes for all important items and blocks. But these have their price. Each of crafting recipes requires one to twelve diamonds.
This design decision was made because then structures with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of blocks cannot simply be placed in Survival mode for free.

But now we come to the crafting recipes:

Crafting Recipes

Item/Block Ingredients Crafting recipe
Green Block Green Wool + Diamond Crafting Recipe Green Block
Red Block Red Wool + Diamond Crafting Recipe Red Block
Bounding Box Green Block + Red Block Crafting Recipe Bounding Box
Bounding Box Green Wool + Red Wool + Diamond Crafting Recipe Bounding Box
StrExplorer Book + Block of Diamond Crafting Recipes StrExplorer
Place Structure StrExplorer + Brick Crafting Recipes Place Structures
Reposition Structure StrExplorer + Diamond Shovel Crafting Recipe Item Repostion Structure
Remove Structure StrExplorer + Diamond Pickaxe Crafting Recipes Remove Structure
Place Shape StrExplorer + Diamond Axe Crafting Recipe Item Place Shapes

Overview of the items

But what do we need all these blocks and items for? For each item and each block now comes a little overview.

Red and Green Block

With these two blocks you can mark an area to scan it and save it as a structure. The Green and Red Blocks form the opposite corners of the bounding box. Click on one of these blocks to get to the view for saving the structure.

Bounding Box

You also use the Item Bounding Box to scan structures. Compared to the Green and Red Block, it has a decisive advantage: It allows you to place the corner points in the air and thus you are much more flexible.


This item is the most important in ISM. Because it provides access to the wiki and from this you can call all important functions: placing, scanning, repositioning and removing structures.

Place Structures

With this item you come to the view to place structures. This makes it one of the most widely used items in ISM.

Reposition structures

You have misplaced a structure? No problem, because with this item you can reposition structures.

Remove Structures

With this item you can remove structures from your world.

Place Shapes

This item has nothing to do with structures in the true sense. Because with it you can place shapes like cubes, balls, circles, cones and many more.

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